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“A long time ago when Sara was a student at Juilliard in New York City, she was working at Reebok as a desk clerk or something, and she met Al when they were cast in some stage play, and they became really, really fast friends. So what happened was Al just fell totally in love with her, she fell totally in love with him… Sara and Al became the Will and Grace of our group… they were each other’s biggest cheerleaders, best fans. They just dotted each other’s I’s and crossed each other’s T’s… so we gotta move forward, about a decade. Al is diagnosed with liver cancer, on June 13th, 2008, and Sara’s right by his side as he was diagnosed. Fortunately she’s on hiatus from Grey’s Anatomy, and she never left his side during the whole time she was here. We were all there, we were all kind of indenial, not sure what to do, we kept fighting for him and for his life, he didn’t have health insurance, because he was an uninsured actor, so we were fighting to get his health care and whatever we could. And one day Al says, you know guys maybe it’s just my time. And he started having these private conversations with all of us, that touched us all deeply. And one thing that he did for Sara, of course she got a special thing. Al made a wish list of songs and roles that he wanted Sara to play. So Sara goes back to Los Angeles to shoot through Season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy and then about 10 days later she gets the call that we are all dreading. So I pick her up from the airport, and she’s carrying this big, black bag, and we get to the hospital and we go to the intensive care unit, and she walks into the room. And Al is like, he’s on all these machines and he is really struggling at this moment, and so his energy catches her energy and he looks up, and he opens his eyes and he sees her, and he says ‘I love you,’ and she says ‘I love you too.’ And they embrace, and then Sara says ‘I know what you want.’ She goes into the black bag and she pulls out this t-shirt… and then she pulls out this binder. And in this binder, Sara Ramirez has xeroxed all the music that Al wanted her to sing. And for the next 2 and a half hours, Sara serenaded Al these songs, but she didn’t get to finish.

(Source: maewhitwoman)

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